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Jennifer Aniston is filming her new movie in Hawaii and much has been written about her concern her body. The film not only includes a lot of bikini time, but also hot starlet Brooklyn Decker. But that's not her only fear.

Decker, 22, is featured on the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Initial reports said Jen was concerned about appearing in the same shots as the toned and trim swimsuit model, who is roughly half her age.

To look her best in the film, “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler, Jen reportedly flew in her personal trainer, Mandy Ingber to help her with fitness workouts.

What's more, some reports say she also has started on the controversial baby food diet to slim down.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson devised the plan, which involves eating about 14 jars a day of pureed food and one adult-size dinner daily.

Jen has reportedly lost seven pounds in the past week. But her fears about looking bad, may have less to do with Decker and more to do with co-star Nicole Kidman.

The first video released from the movie show Jen and Nicole in hula contest. Both Jen and Nicole look fabulous.

But Kidman, at 42, is a year older than Aniston and she had a baby Sunday Rose in 2008. Jen could be excused for not matching up with Decker, but Kidman is her real competition.

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Jennifer Aniston in a Little Black Dress at Directors Guild Awards

Jennifer Aniston stepped on the red carpet at the 64th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards in Hollywood and she did so in style: while wearing a sparkly little black dress, black heels and an over-sized clutch.

How do you like her look?

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